the new normal

This morning felt just like one of my old summer mornings when it was just James & I. Funny how that works...all of a sudden you're doing the same things and feeling the same way but there are 2 kids in the stroller in front of you.

I stepped outside this morning and it was that perfect way. The sky was blue, it smelled "warm" and there was the slightest breeze. I went back in, got us dressed, saw a red bump on my head, got a little scared, made a dr appt. (that stuff is not normally a part of my day), and off we went for a walk. We stopped at the library, walked through the town square and headed over to the park on the lake.

As we turned the corner to the park I saw a mass of kids on the playground equipment. Hmmmm. Oh yeah - toddler time! I had been meaning to try this but it never worked with Ruby's naptime. We walked down and joined them. It was so much fun! James had a blast playing with all the kids and I finally got to chat with some other local moms. I guess they meet at the park every Wednesday for the summer & I definitely want to go again. That was a nice surprise.

Then we headed home and drove to Madison so I could see the doc. Patrick works nearby and he came to hang out with the kids while I went in. (I love that he will do this for me. Thanks, Bunny.) This thing on my head is fine, not something nasty. It's a small hemangioma right in my part. I had noticed it before but for some reason it alarmed me this morning. I think it really popped against my new caramel color. HAHAHA. Anyways, thank God.

I put some new pics, just a few, over at Flickr. I am off to play little Legos with James.


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