river rock, we love you

We had a wonderful weekend, so wonderful that we've all gone a bit haywire today. The day Grandma leaves is always a hard one and that, along with the lack of any type of schedule for 4 days, has left us all kind of messy. It's quarter past 5 and James is napping on the couch, where I left him just a while ago, and Ruby is upstairs for her second 2+ hour nap of the day.

I hope to post about some of the fun we had, even though I didn't take a single photo until yesterday afternoon. At the world famous Bratfest Sunday night I forgot the camera in the car and walking 100 miles back to fetch it seemed too daunting. Too bad I can't show you James flying down the Super Slide with myself, Patrick or my mom. Funny stuff.

One thing I can show you is this, our weekend project. One of the wisest decisions Patrick and I ever made was to buy a new home. We knew ourselves well enough to be certain that the projects an old home carries with it would just put us over the edge. All the talk about fencing the last month or two has led nowhere. We absolutely cannot find the fence we want within our 5' limit. Just to mix things up a bit, I threw out the suggestion that we build our 3 season porch this year, instead. So now there's that to mull over. And, mull we have. So much so that we are sick to death of all of it. Instead of spending our child free time at Menards doing research on fencing or decks, we bought bricks. Tumbled edge Belgium bricks, to be precise, and River Rock.

Patrick did all the work on it yesterday and we LOVE it. It's everything we've always wanted in a mailbox surround and it's, best of all, finished!* No more research, planning or decisions! I could see the pride in Patrick's face as we stood gazing at it one more time after we put the kids and Grandma to bed last night. I could hear the joy in his voice as he called me today to tell me that the Menards on the East side has over 600 bags of the beloved River Rock in stock. 600 Bags! We are golden. Our new plan is to build a plexiglass form around our backyard and fill it with River Rock.

*Finished, except for one more glorious perennial, but that is not a problem for me, no sir. Oh, I love perennials, I could go on and on. Why buy annuals? THEY DIE. Perennials? They come BACK and you do NOTHING. Hello? No contest.


  1. I'm totally with you on the perennial/annual argument, yet I always buy annuals also. Why? Because I need more yard work in my life.....LOL.


  2. haha, I bought some annuals, too. I am such a hypocrite! But I limited myself to $10 worth.

  3. good looking mailbox. the reason you buy annuals is to be able to repaint your landscape, and more often than not - they bloom a lot longer than perennials and colours are more outstanding. i leave portions of my yard for annuals to show off...


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