ruby at 12 months

This is the post I wanted to write last night but just couldn't do it.

At 12 months Ruby is:
  • walking
  • signing (birdie, eat, more, help, milk, all done)
  • saying: mu (milk), ba ba (bye bye), ba (ball), dada, ba pa (grandpa), and uh (uh oh)
  • loving: James' tickling, playing in James' room, her blanket, soft cuddly things in general, the tub, being outside, her dada, puppies, birdies
  • eating: she likes almost everything except bananas and avocados. her favorites include: honey wheat pretzel sticks, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, spaghetti, animal crackers & sunbutter & jelly finger sandwiches

This is what I especially love about her right now:

  • she is so serious about nursing in the morning - she lingers, brows knit together as though she's going through her packed breakfast, make sure and bounce kix, poop, get whatever James has, check entryway for different shoes, make a break for unsupervised stairways, climb, check floor for snacks...
  • she knows we are going out when she sees me with my keys or sunglasses. She immediately starts waving and saying bye bye.
  • the tiny sound of her toots
  • her open mouth kisses
  • how she tries to bite my toes when I'm sitting on the couch
  • the urgent eating of my hair when she wants to nurse
  • her little tiny babbling voice
  • how she works the system. She will shriek at James and look up to see if I will reprimand him...I've leaned a stern JAMES! is not always in order...this little sister is not always an innocent victim
  • her giggles
  • how she cuddles up to me, to Patrick, to anyone she likes. I am proud of this independence in her.
  • how she problem solves and wants to try new things herself. She has perseverance, just like her brother

We just delight in you, Ruby. We thank God for you every day.


  1. I just did a post about my little one year old similar to yours here! I laughed at the part about your Ruby working the system. Funny how quickly they figure that out isn't it?! And you gotta love those open mouth kisses. So sweet!


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