ruby's tuesday

Ruby took her first real step yesterday. She has taken a few towards us, kind of falling down at the same time. This one she was standing all on her own (does this more and more now) and she just took a step towards the middle of the room. It was neat because Patrick and I were both there and shared one of those tv commercial "looks" across the room. haha. Our little bubles.

In other Ruby news...I was nursing her before her nap the other day up in her room. A loud car went by outside and she popped off, looked towards the window, wagged her little fingers and said bu bu. (bye bye) She also makes vrooming sounds when she drives hot wheels on the floor with James.

I just love my kids.


  1. she looks so much like james in this picture.......i can't believe she's walking and talking. you don't need an IUD, it's time to start thinking about my next grandchild isn't it ? :)

  2. I need 2 IUDs, just to be sure!

  3. HA! I think I need 8!!

    Congrats on Ruby's first steps!! That is so fun!!!


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