soooooo tired

We met Kate & Natalie and another friend & her son for a walk on the bike path this morning. We made it all the way to the Memorial Union Terrace and back! With no casualties! It was such a nice morning...I am so happy to be outside all of these days. SO HAPPY! But now I am so tired and Ruby is sleeping but James held on and is upstairs. He has been doing really good quiet times for a stretch of days now so I shouldn't complain but I so wanted to take a snooze myself. I might go up in a minute and shut the door to his room and lay down for a half hour.

I can't believe he didn't pass out on the way home. We walked for 3.5 hours. I guess he did ride for a while...more so on the way back. Ruby conked out in the stroller for a while and seemed to really enjoy it all. Right now she is enjoying these long walks and I am so thankful.

Lately I'm really having a hard time with how much James touches other kids. He loves to grab an arm when he runs by or pull on a ball cap...squeeze cheeks or dance his fingers on top of a head. This probably doesn't sound so bad, maybe mildly irritating at worst, but to another 3 year old? It's horrible! And sometimes he is rougher than I think he intended to be. It's just annoying...I feel like I am constantly telling him to keep his hands to himself, don't touch, be gentle, blah blah blah. It's his way of being playful but also how he seeks attention. I did have a serious talk with him and told him he needs to stop all of this immediately and he said "Otay." (hahahahaha - I am delirious, time for a nap.) A few more pics here.


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