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I took a mini break from blogging over the weekend and didn't even take a single picture of our kids! I think 2 days is the longest I've gone in a very long time.

This weekend started out good with a special surprise in the mail from Jolee on Friday. Thank you, Jules! I should be sending you gifts! I can't wait to try these. xoxo.

We met Patrick for dinner at Panera that night. On Saturday he and I swung between friends & enemies all day. It was exhausting and frustrating. Today we woke up, got things settled and had a really nice day.

The good part of Saturday included a walk through the chilly morning with hot cups of coffee. (for us) It was our village's garage sale weekend so the fire department had a weenie roast going. It was cute because James had just mentioned them having hot dogs earlier in the week (member, mom?, he said) and there they were on Saturday. He was thrilled to be sitting in the fire station munching on a hot dog. I was so emotional that it just about brought me to tears...small town Saturday morning with all the town folk gathered...oh my Lord. (I believe these emotions played no small part in our weekend drama. My husband had his own funk going on, though, so don't think I'm taking all the blame!) :)

We walked along this new bike path that I think I mentioned before. Parts of the trail were recently dug up and gravelled (word?) and while we were walking James & I found old railroad spikes (thank you, mom) and huge was cool. I want to clean them off and put them on a shelf somewhere to dust for the rest of my life.

I will spare you, and future me, the rest of the painful day and just skip right along to this morning...We went to church, got James a haircut, and then split up with the kids and Ruby & I went to Target for birthday supplies and Mother's Day cards. We met back at home and both of the kids napped so we had a little bit of time to relax together. Later on I went to Dig & Save and then the Dollar Tree for more party supplies*.

I had a fabulous time at D&S and found a lot of good stuff. I got myself a pair of capris, a brown gauzy shirt that reminds me of my favorite maternity shirt that I had, a couple scarves and a faded red sweatshirt. I also got a Duluth Pack t shirt that I swear I'm going to make into a purse. I got Patrick a pair of jeans, Ruby an adorable handmade sleeveless shirt and my favorite finds...some vintage fabric, a very very old handmade gaucho type outfit that was mended so many times (isn't that sweet? It must have been a favorite) and 2 vintage sundresses from probably the 1950s. I hope to sell those on Ebay. I think the other outfit might be from the 20s or 30s? Gosh, it's hard to tell...I'm going to do a little research. I don't think anyone would buy it, due to the poor condition, unless as a cutter for a quilt. I just couldn't leave it there, though. In the picture: The red & green fabrics are the sundresses, the gold paisley is the old outfit and the lighter stuff is just a big piece of material.

I got home at about the same time Patrick and the kids got home from a walk. Patrick showed me what James had drawn on his Doodle Pro...he said it was Patrick. Patrick dated it because he knew I'd want a picture. :)

We had agreed earlier to spend 2 hours cleaning in the basement after the kids went to bed. We worked so hard and got a lot's a lot more fun to do it together and without our sidekicks. We may try to do this a couple times a on projects for a big chunk of time at night.

Now it's time to relax and read the paper for a while before bed. We are having a little hard earned refreshment...Blackberry Merlot on the rocks with a splash of Sierra Mist. Good stuff!

(*We decided to go up to Duluth on Friday and are having a small party at my Dad's house for Miss Bubles on Saturday, thus all the party stuff)


  1. These seeds are not "hot"...just in case you were worried. I still have to go back to the store.

    I have Miss Ruby's gift. I'll hopefully be mailing it know how that goes with me.

    If you have second this weekend when you come up, call...but
    I totally understand seeing family and birthday parties and such.

    That Merlot sure looks good!!!


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