this is REALLY ruby's tuesday

a perfect little blessing given one year ago, today

we brought you home and life started over, that sunny afternoon in may

right from the start you surprised us, your wary mom & dad

you didn't scream & stay up all night like your older brother had

all through the summer you slept and slept, no matter what we did

you were very content
and rarely peeked out
of the soft cotton sling where you hid

as the days turned colder you found a voice and began to let us know

you were bored!
you were frustrated!
and so happy! to be letting it show

holding toys was exciting, you were sated for awhile

but the next month it grew old, when can I sit up like that child?

and on it went with you rushing towards one milestone after another

of course, we realized, she is only trying to catch up to her brother

your brother has loved you from the start, after an initial burst of doubt

when told you would someday sleep in his crib he responded with "dump wuby out"

in the crib you are (with his mobile, too) and no dumping has taken place

he is now thrilled to have you around and searches for your smiling face

we decided on "Ruby" New Year's Eve, after we saw Walk the Line

an old fashioned name for our brand new girl seemed to suit us fine

many ask if the name followed the hair and are surprised when the answer is no

I can now see the name arrived for the girl who fills our lives with a rosy glow
Happy Birthday, miss bubles. We love you so much it makes us sick. (in a good way)


  1. Happy Happy Happy Big Number One, Ruby!! We are honored to be the first to leave a congrats on your Mama's page. We are lucky to have met your family- and it seems, they are VERY lucky to have you! Have an amazing day!

  2. Happy Birthday little Ruby Harper!!! I can't wait to see you again, and walking. What a big girl. Love "Auntie" Sarah

  3. Happy Birthday Ruby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. a beautiful post for a beautiful girl!


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