this is what 15 minutes can do...

I set the timer on the microwave (it's not the same, mom) for 15 minutes this morning and this is what we accomplished. He is such a little sweetheart and was so proud of helping.

I am glad I went through this power struggle with Patrick, who likes to rake toys into piles, because James learned it this way and does it so well. We definitely have bins of jumbled up toys but things like play food, big legos, small legos and cars are all separate and waiting to be played with together or jumbled all up again.

I love when he'll take out his food to make soup and end up giving his cars a bath in the bowl or building an oven with his is so amazing the directions his mind goes.


  1. Great job! I like to set the timer for my kids. They like the rush of trying to hurry and get everything cleaned up.


  2. yeah, it works so good for that.


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