It feels like years since I've written! I have so many things running through my mind that I'm not sure where to start.

I'll start with James, I guess. When we got up this morning and I told him we were going to church he immediately started whining. After about 10 minutes, though, he suddenly said, "I think church will be fun today, Mom." Amazing! And he did do screaming or denouncing God at all.
On the way there I called my mom to tell her that Heather was having her surgery today. I said I forgot to put it on my blog so I just wanted to remind her to pray for her. After I hung up James says, "'member my blog? It's called engine repair blog. I do sugeries on engines." HAHAHA - man, he listens to everything.

Today was our last official get together of the year and they had a delicious brunch for us and a really good speaker. When I went to the fondue party back in February I spent most of the night talking to this one woman. I really liked her and we seemed to have a million things to say to eachother but I haven't seen her since. I had emailed her once but it got returned to me and I had her phone number but really, that is so old fashioned. (hahaha) We finally saw eachother again today and it was great. I sat by her, with her flock, so I got to meet a few other women I hadn't met before. We exchanged information and are going to meet up for a walk or something some time. Yay!

As a side note, 4 of the women in her flock had new (under 8 weeks) babies. Oh my, those little bundles just squeeze my heart. They are all so beautiful and chewable. Like vitamins! For old barren women like myself! Anyways...

After Titus we went to the playground to meet our friends. It is a gorgeous sunny day but pretty windy. Ruby made huge texture strides and got over her dislike of mulch and sand! It was the first time I let her crawl around on this particular structure and she had a lot of fun. James also climbed up and down this ladder by himself for the first time, only falling and requiring the help of a stranger once. That was a proud moment for me...busy taking pictures of my filthy but adorable daughter while my son's life flashes before his eyes. Sorry, buddy.

I just took a break to help James in the bathroom. He was pooping and when he finished he looked up and said, "I'm empty!" He goes on the toilet all the time now and even shuts the door for a bit of privacy sometimes...this all makes me very happy. At church today he wanted to go in the Mens room by himself so I let him. He got a bit of pee on his shirt but felt it was a pretty fair trade for the freedom.

Hmmm, what else? I got to go out to dinner with my friends last night, it was a lot of fun and very delicious. (The leftovers just made a very satisfying lunch for leftover margaritas though...damn.) It was all my playgroup friends and for the first time in a VERY long time all 10 of us were there. We had this appetizer that had melted cheese, cream and poblano chiles in it that was FABULOUS. Oh, it was so good. I have to say it's a lot of fun to have some cheese again.

Tonight is Lost night for Patrick and I. It's hard on Thursdays because there is lots of chatter about the show all over the internet. I am looking forward to cuddling up in front of the computer with him tonight.

One last thing....I got all teary on the way to dinner last night when Friends in Low Places came on the radio. It immediately brought me right back to the Locker Room, hanging out with the girls. This will sound unbelievable but it's true...on the way home I heard She Talks to Angels AND Black Water!!!! Do you think it's time for us to plan our weekend?

There are a lot more pics on Flickr. xoxo


  1. Oh, you haven't watched Lost yet?! Ack! It was a good one. I blogged about it AND linked to a very HILARIOUS post about the episode. You have to read his post--AFTER you watch it! (I just tried to leave this comment 12 times, so hope you don't get any duplicates!)

  2. Ahhhh, those were the days!! And remember "You and Me Fishing in the Dark?" and all the sweet moves we had with that one?
    Don't forget "1814" either!!

    Thanks for the memories..although, funny thing, many of them are a little sketchy.haha

    Remember the cat food?

  3. HAHAHA - I had totally forgotten the cat food!

    I think before our wknd that we should all write down our favorite memories to compare. xo


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