We made it! Or, we're in the home stretch and I'm pretty sure we'll make it! Patrick has been gone since Tuesday morning and returns later today. I told myself not much blogging this week so I could keep up with everything and it really worked. I was so efficient, it was frightening. It made me see how much I rely on Patrick getting home at night...it gives me the room to slack off a little more during the day. (and by slack off I mean sit down for 5 minutes instead of putting the dishes away) I couldn't keep up this pace for much longer, though, and I didn't do it alone. Kate probably saw more of us this week than she really would have liked. heehee. The kitchen is clean, the laundry is done, I spent time reading, my kids have been well fed and we've had lots of fun. A good week.

I did spend my allotted online time (you didn't think I'd totally give it up, did you? 30 minutes at night and pit stops throughout the day) this week searching for some new blogs to read. It's amazing the number of beautiful, creative and well written blogs that are floating around. I will post about some of my new favorites soon. This search did bring up a few little stabs of inadequacy (put perfectly into words in the first line of this post) (see?! I can't even say how inadequate I feel! hahaha) but I'm over that now. It's funny how that happens from time to time, just like in real life. On a blue day I might think every other person is being a better something than I am. The next day I am back to normal...feeling pretty good about where we're at but always hoping to improve. Boy, I sound like Mary Poppins this morning. Or that chick from the Sound of Music. (There is a little bluebird chirping away on my shoulder.) I'm going to wrap this up before you all start vomiting.


  1. Vomiting....

    LOL. I had a great time seeing you, James, and Ruby this week. Natalie wants to adopt Ruby, as you know. Just a few more hours of craziness...


  2. Wow, I am impressed! My blog entries after a week on my own are no where near as cheerful :)

  3. Nice.........not one single word about your own mama arriving for a visit later today.

    Your own (sad/hurt)


  4. Now that I re-read this...I sounded a little manic.


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