white trash tuesday

I was so tired yesterday afternoon I didn't even care. Ruby woke up from her 2 hour nap in the van and I buckled James back in and we hit the grocery store. Ruby had crusted cookie on her onesie so I just threw a wrinkled but clean t-shirt that I had in the van over it. She also had a little stuck in the folds of her neck but noone could really see that but me. James did wear a shirt into the store, but not for dinnertime. Dinner was bratwurst heated in the microwave because they neglected to put the tenderloin back in my cart.

eta: When Patrick came home he found the 3 of us in the kitchen, dirty & tired but happy. He put down his stuff and said he'd be right back...he forgot his 12 pack of Bud in the car.


  1. awesome. this is me most days, including the Bud. except John likes to buy the really tall cans. extra-trashy.

  2. welcome to my world. Right now my home as a horrible odor to it and I can't figure out what it is or find it.

    Boy a Brat and a beer sounds good right about now.

  3. tall boys...now that is trashy!


    hope you find the odor, jules, but it is summer so the open windows will get you through.

    go ahead and have a little beer - is there gluten free beer? hmmmm


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