ah, monday

It was a pretty good weekend and now it's back to reality. James is in the midst of something hard right now. Since Friday he has been testing me every chance he gets, and sometimes I've been failing. :) We've had our morning smack down, with Mama coming out on top. While he was screaming in his room I made up privilege tickets for him. Every time he is naughty he loses one. He can also gain them back if he does something really good (like help me with a chore or be a good boy during quiet time). He may still have a time out for some little indiscretion but for the really defiant stuff, I take a ticket. The tickets are for TV time (20 min each, he has 4), outside time with friends (ditto), book at bedtime (he has 2), and I'm not sure what else yet. He could care less if I take away his toys but these things matter to him. He loves having his little tickets so far, we'll see how long this works. Jolee did something like this with Mason, I think, I will have to ask her for more details.

I know from experience (what a good feeling) that this phase will pass with him. It may last a week, a loooooong week, but probably not much more. It's during these times (that come on out of nowhere, it seems) that Patrick and I are found scrambling to come up with some new ideas to add to our parenting repertoire. These "new" things may carry over back into our normal existence or they may fade away when they're not really needed anymore...when our normal discipline works again. I love to read parenting books and though I don't think ANY of them have all the right information, I think almost all of them have one or two good nuggets. I am sounding all Pollyanna about this right now because something I just did went over well (the ticket idea), but trust me, I HATE these times. I hate breaking down and yelling at him like a crazy mama and I also hate keeping my cool with him but then letting it ruin my day. My goal is to not let what he does effect my emotions. HAHAHA. :) But, really, it is. The latest book I'm reading is The 5 Love Language of Children by Gary Chapman. It's for a small book group with my flockers. I'll let you know if it's any good. If anyone wants to share something that worked well for them, please do...I'd love to have some more ideas.

Okay, on to the fun stuff.

My birthday started out really nice...I woke up to a sweet card from Patrick and James held my hand all through breakfast. (this was especially nice because Friday was such a hard day for him & I) Then just James & I went to church and had a good time riding the shuttle bus:

After church we stopped at the garden center for some new plants. James acted up when it was time to go and I was so happy that I got to drop him off and head out for some time by myself. When I left home again, though, I was sooooo crabby. This was my birthday, for goodness sake! (a small pity party for one, please) After complaining to my mom & sister (thanks, guys!), praying & eating lunch I felt a lot better. Then I went to my usual haunts until it was time for Kate & I to go to a movie.

The first Sundance Cinema opened here a while ago and I hadn't been to check it out yet. We saw the Waitress, which I enjoyed for the most part (loved all the pie, so sad about Adrienne Shelly), and then headed up to the rooftop bar for some refreshments. It was a gorgeous evening and Kate & I had a really nice time. I indulged in a yummy Red Velvet cupcake.

The theatre feels a bit more upscale than your average cinema, with seat selection and a wide array of snacks you can carry into the movie with you. They have iced coffee, sandwiches, malts, salads and bakery items as well as the standard candy and popcorn. I look forward to going back. Tonight, though, Patrick and I are going to our favorite Star cinema to see Oceans 13. (thanks, Kate!)


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