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I bought this pajama top at D&S a while back because I loved the pattern. I was planning on wearing it but it turned out to be kind of short...pajama half-shirts are not really my style. (I actually just typed style as's early) I was kind of sad, had a good cry and forgot about it until yesterday.I found it in my closet yesterday morning while digging around for a t-shirt. I'd been planning on sewing something all week (or weKk if you're me, today) but hadn't decided what. I mulled over the shirt for a while and came up with this idea:
I cut the cuffs (cuvs - I am not making ht this up) off to use as shoulder straps and cut just to the right of the front buttons. I was pretty excited at this point because I really do LOVE this print and picturing it on my little girl was thrilling. (I am being mildly sarcastic here...I was excited but not *thrilled* - that comes later) I made Patrick come and look at it, from my angle, please, NOT from the other side of the half wall, and he gave me the praise I was desperate hoping for.
Patrick took James to go do boy stuff (aka river rock hunting) and when Ruby went down for her nap I got to work. I sewed on and off (the "off" being when I'd realize my shoulders were tense enough to crack walnuts) all day and by the time Ruby was up from her afternoon nap, I presented her with this:

It is so cute. It turned out how I was imagining and she looks adorable in it. If you notice, there are no close ups, though. I decided that the gnarled knots of thread that appear in a couple places are too personal for the internet. Those are mine, people, and I just don't feel right sharing them. (HAHAHA...did you catch the irony here?)

After all was said and done, I think that making this same style dress, with a front pocket and even buttons on the side (just decorative), would have been much easier from plain fabric. I had to sew over some fat seams and pretty close to the existing buttons, clipping one of them. (I used one bad a** didn't even break!)

The shoulder straps are a little too long and the elastic around the top is a little too losse (you know...loose) (I thought I was going to have to finish this without another spelling joke) but since I am planning on her wearing this for the next few years, it should be okay. I left it on her when we met Kate a while later and just pinned the straps for a better fit. The little rat sweetie got spaghetti sauce all over it at dinner so I'm hoping good ole OxiClean comes through for me.

I didn't hurry yesterday but I did want it finished. Part of the fun of doing these little projects for me is FINISHING them. I don't want something else on my to-do list, you know? I am enjoying this little crafty burst of mine, it's been a while.


  1. What a gorgeous fabric. You're so crafty!

  2. heehee, I like to try. :) Thanks.

  3. Oh my, this dress is too cute (and by the way did we take the same typing class?) Love your blog = } Deb


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