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So. For the first time in the 2.5 years that we've lived here, Patrick showed an interest in our water bill last night. He actually had the nerve to question my explanation of how it was calculated but after some eye rolling (him), sighing (me) and name calling (both) he came around and showed a little respect. Why all this interest all of a sudden? Rain barrel savings calculations? Oh no, my friends. He wants to go beyond the barrel. He wants to go where no one I've known has gone before. He wants to install a gigantic water tank in our basement and run ALL the gutter water into it. You know, so we could live off the (water) grid.

He's serious. I asked him if he was going to have those big plastic drainage tubes running all over our house like some sort of above ground prairie dog dwelling. He just laughed. (that probably means yes.) (This from the man who thinks outdoor clotheslines are trashy.)

I agreed we could use the collected water for laundry but not dishes or bathing. It's not like we live in HEAVEN. There is something called pollution, even in Wisconsin.

I am a little nervous but I think if I just play along and keep my mouth shut that this will pass. Just like his interest in Graham Kerr and herb gardening. I really just wanted to save rain water for outdoor use, you know?

This little gem was waiting on the kitchen table this morning. I'm not sure what it is supposed to prove, exactly. It's probably just a subtle reminder that he is a MAN and he can solve EQUATIONS.
(p.s. This post was NOT supposed to be centered but I am sick of trying to fix it.)


  1. I checked out Graham Kerr, you've got to be kidding me! Tell Patrick, if the tank is in the basement, where will the river rocks go?

  2. I'm impressed! I don't think my honey can do that kind of math ;)

  3. hahaha, I'll tell him SMS. Good point.

    I should mention that he is an engineer and is supposed to be able to do these types of equations. :)

    gurpreet - thanks!

  4. Awesome! They just did a big piece in the New York Times about Grey water collection systems- you should google it if you're serious- they use plants to filter, tho' a tank could be seriously more practical! I'm envious. We're totally doing some elaborate water system when we build in Maine.

  5. whoa. I used to be scared of water that was over my head. Never did I think that water equations that were over my head could be scary too.
    cousin stace

  6. HAHAHAHA - I know the feeling.


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