charlie & lola

Oh, I love Charlie & Lola. James does, too. He sits on the couch and just giggles while he watches them.

I love that they are brother & sister. I love how fond they are of one another and the silly things they say. I love how they bicker and make up and take care of each other. I love how they go off to do errands together. (will that actually happen some day?) I think James & Ruby are incredibly blessed to have each other and I love that there is a cartoon that shows this relationship so sweetly and realistically.
I saw the DVDs on the "new book" list at the library last winter and signed us up. He wasn't as interested then...I think it was still a little too hard for him to follow. Now I have another DVD from the library and he LOVES it. I think they are also on Disney in the mornings. I just read that they are based on a series of books by Lauren Child...I have 4 of those on our hold list now.
I encourage you to check them out...if you don't have cable they are probably readily available at your local library.


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