Our friend gave James a new police cruiser yesterday. She had found it at D&S and immediately thought of him, she said. Wasn't that sweet? Of course, her son had it for a trial period but tired of it quickly, like she knew he would. James loves this car.

He had it in his room last night and was having a hard time settling in. The car makes all sorts of noises but he wasn't pushing any of the buttons...just being very good and quiet but not sleeping. At about 10 I went in there (he had been in bed since 8:30) and he had the cruiser on the bed next to him covered up with a blanket. He was cleaning up, he said.

I laid down on his bed and told him to come on. He looked at me kind of surprised but didn't say anything. He turned off the light and I heard a soft click before he ran over to jump in bed. He was probably asleep within 5 minutes. I laid there for a few more minutes, sniffing him, and then got up to go. He had locked his door.

I love this kid. My prayer every morning needs to be for a softer heart towards him. He can be the ultimate puke sometimes but I never have to feel like I'm on my own in dealing with him. Thank God for that. Actually, he is being a puke right now...let's see how I do. :)


  1. Begging your pardon, but he is never a puke
    dramma sue moan


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