the dreaded bulleted list*

  • Ruby woke up screaming like a mad woman at about 12:30am, last night. I went in and offered her some milk, which is usually what she wants. OH NO! She was all, HOW COULD YOU?!, hollering and writhing on my lap. Patrick, bless his heart, came in and offered to take her. I went back to bed and felt a stab of sadness until it dawned on me that I got to be back in bed and HE was getting her back to sleep. Excellent! She was back to normal this morning. Ruby has never been a nursing fool, like James, but has pretty much stayed the same for the last 6 months or so...4-6 nursings during the day and one at night. She can skip the daytime ones now, no problem, but still likes to partake if we are at home. She doesn't seem to be night weaning on her own...she'll sleep 12 hours straight for a few days and then goes back to waking once a night again. I think that by the end of summer I will start sending Patrick in at night if she doesn't give it up. Um, like you cared, right?

  • We made Patrick a Father's Day journal like I read about here. I thought it was the best idea and he really liked it. I think it will be so neat as the years go by.

  • I made blackberry-raspberry freezer jam this morning. It is ultra sweet which seems odd because these berries were more tart than the strawberries. ?? I think a little sunbutter will tone it down perfectly, though. Yum.

  • Patrick was diving all weekend and really enjoyed himself. I kept us busy, out of the house both mornings by 9am. It went pretty well. I was dreading another 5 days of this mom stuff, without a real break, but today has gone pretty well. The house was a sty from the weekend (can't do it all, people) but I made myself relax on the back steps and drink coffee while James played in his sandbox this morning. Just drink coffee...not write out the bills I had to or call my friend back. It was a good break. (and then I did both of those things...see...still had time!)

  • James said Ruby was the moon this morning. I'm like, the moon? He says, "Yes, the moon. And I'm going to jump over her." Haha, but NO WAY kid.

  • We made star shaped juice pops out of a $1 ice cube tray I got at Target. Once they were kind of slushy I inserted toothpicks and it worked out nicely. James & Ruby love them and it's fun saying, "Sure, you can have a Popsicle for breakfast." (100% juice) (Okay, I haven't really said that but it's been implied.)

  • About a year ago our computer crashed and we lost all the pictures from the first 2.5 years of James' life. And a lot of other ones. I never told anyone as it was too tragic to speak of. We did have tons on Yahoo but there were many, many more that were gone forever. Except Patrick just got them back! He rules. Haha, Mom, I can keep some stuff from you. :)

  • Right now, as I type, Flickr is moving all my Yahoo photos over to their site. Yahoo Photos is closing in September and they gave me a choice of 4 or 5 different sites that they would move them to. I actually wanted them all over there, anyways, so it is really nice to have it done for me. And, they extended my Pro account for an additional 3 months, on them. I'll let you know when it's complete so you can gaze at all the old favorites again.

  • Lots of weekend pics up at Flickr and more later.

  • An esteemed blogging friend had a couple good ideas regarding my blog renaming. I am in talks with her now and will have more information soon. Thanks, Mama!

*lots of bloggers refer to these lists this way, but really, I kind of like them. Maybe a picture would help here, too.

(oh yes...the stamps...well, they are all over him. Yup, all over. "Jesus is Risen" is currently on his forehead, nose, torso, kneecaps, toes, buttocks and a couple of other places *coughtwigandberriescough* that I won't mention.)

(but he did so good in quiet time yesterday!)


  1. I just went to check out the photos! LOVE THEM....Hope you are having a great day.


  2. That picture is so funny! I hope they all (even the unmentionables) washed off ok.

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