I just finished Top Chef and loved it. I felt bad for Clay but it sounded like his food was pretty awful. It was fun to see Anthony Bourdain again. happy, happy, happy. Patrick sat in the kitchen while it was on, pretending not to watch, while sewing something to his wetsuit. (advanced open water course for him this weekend) I made one batch of freezer jam, full sugar, after the kids went to bed. A really nice evening.
I came down here to finish a different post I had started but read this instead, from Looky, Daddy!: "Intellectually, Kathryn grew by leaps and bounds this year, learning about punctuation and the mystery of the silent "e" and by mid-year she wase. writinge. alle. ofe. here. sentencese. like. thise. which I guess will make her work easier to recognize when we start finding "Cripse. Forevere." spray-painted behind the old train station. Of course, while she was wildly punctuating her written work, her spoken work begantosoundmorelikethiswithnotasinglepauseforbreathormoreimportantlythought."

HE KILLS ME. Love it! Fun way to end the computer portion of my evening.


  1. What a funny thing about the silent Eeees. I too loved the new Top Chef- much potential, some of that atrocious protein actually looked delicious. These folks seem to have some skills.

  2. I know! I think it's going to be a reaaaally good season! yay!


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