happy weekend!

This has been kind of a blah day. Back and forth between good & bad: nice morning, good napping from Ruby, so freaking hot, no shade in backyard, kids had fun in pool anyways, huge pickers by sandbox, lawn long & prickly, seester sent adorable clothes for J&R in mail, nice quiet time & afternoon nap, James playing outside with friends, didn't lose my cool with Patrick, approached him calmly and thus had good talk with him about my outdoor frustration (will buy quick shade canopy, will mow regularly or get someone to) and now that I think about it, it wasn't so bad. So, a pretty good day...I was just blah. :) But, I'm feeling better now, too. There's a turkey breast in the oven and just look at my library haul. Oh yeah, and the adorable little one who thinks she can hide from me.

Have a good weekend!
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