I feel like I haven't blogged in years, yet it's only been around 24 hours. :)

Yesterday afternoon I took the kids to Target and then to a favorite playground. It was fun. (already I can tell this post will probably be BORING, so go on if you have stuff to won't miss much) heehee. I did get a couple cute pictures of J&R sharing an ICEE that I got suckered into buying by their large, colorful advertising. It was Jolly Rancher Watermelon flavor, if you can imagine, and yes, it was sickeningly sweet. And pretty good. (there are a few more pics over on flickr, use sidebar, too lazy to link)

James was up a lot last night with bad dreams so I ended up sleeping in his room with him. Patrick got up with Ruby this morning and woke me with a fresh pot of coffee when he had to leave at 8. Only problem? No creamer. Making fresh coffee for someone without creamer is JUST WRONG. But, he didn't know so I forgave him. I got an email from a friend a while later saying they were heading to a park in Madison. A park right by Starbucks.

Normally I stay home on Friday mornings to get caught up for the weekend. Today I hastily dressed the children, brushed my teeth and waltzed out the door leaving the dishes and laundry without a backward glance. Kind of liberating...except it's all still here. Oh well. I'll get caught up this afternoon. (Both of my kids are sleeping I'm going to do work!)

So, I got my coffee and we met our friends. It was a really nice morning. Heidi had brought along a couple of pairs of shoes for Miss Ruby to borrow...even after I confessed that I had lost the Tevas I just bought for Ruby. "Hey, I lost Ruby's shoes...can I borrow yours?" (classy, I am) Anyways, that was really nice.

We stopped at D&S on the way home and I got some great stuff. James got a beginner scooter (or tooter, as he says) and I found a ton of embroidery thread (!!), a vintage Little LuLu doll (that I will have to give to my mother if she really wants it but hope to sell it otherwise, even though it's in rough shape), some vintage apron patterns (to sell) and some vintage Christmas icicles, still in their old boxes. A couple other things, too, that I'll show you tomorrow. It was fun. You know, if you're me.
eta: I called the babysitter, fyi, but she wasn't there. AND, I have a cold now, too. (just thought I'd add that in case anyone wants to play those tiny violins for me)


  1. -------------------------do not even -----THINK of selling lulu.....------

    you know who..........------------------------------------------------------------------------

  2. Your story made me laugh because recently I fell for the ICEE thing too. In a weak moment I bought A. a small (which was still a lot)one. Later that day it messed up her tummy, but whenever we go to Target now, she still wants an ICEE. I've been resisting--meanie mom.

    Sorry about the creamer--what a let down!

    Lovin' your cool thrifty finds. You must have some neat places up there. Do you ever have luck at Goodwill? I need to find some other places around here.

    Have a great weekend! Sorry about the sitter, but the 1st step is calling. :)

  3. I rarely go to goodwill because Dig & Save is sooooo cheap. It's dirty, but it's cheap. :)

  4. by the way, you might tell everyone that it was I, your own sweet mama, who taught you how to treasure hunt. remember when i used to go to goodwill and you and annie would wait in the wouldn't walk into the place? times change


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