is mine?

We finally watched Blood Diamond last night. Fabulous film, heart wrenching. Djimon Hounsou was so excellent that I barely remembered I wasn't watching real life unfold.

This is one of those movies that leaves me wondering why myself and my family are living this life - with absolutely everything we could ever want or need - while millions of others deal daily with horrors I cannot even fathom. As a parent, the hardest for me was watching (and thinking about) what parents have to see their children go through.

Another reminder for me to thank God daily and never take anything for granted.

For more information on blood diamonds go here.

We got married in 1995. Is my diamond a blood diamond? Oh my God, I hope not. I found this guide to ensure that any future diamonds won't be.


  1. I thought that movie was fantastic, as well. I had been researching diamonds a bit before I saw it. Seeing as how I, ah hem, don't own a fancy ring (yet!) I was very glad that I learned about diamonds before we ever bought one. I still hope to have a lovely diamond ring some day, but I don't think you'll ever feel 100% confortable with the knowledge of where they have come from.

  2. Let's just hope, right? sigh.


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