Hip, hip, hooray! Every morning this week James has been asking Patrick if it is Saturday yet. Last weekend really threw him and he's been missing his time with dad. Patrick took him out for dinner & a playground last between the thunderstorms they had a good time. Ruby & I did lots of dishes and danced to Johnny Cash. This little one loves music.

I have no direction or purpose to this post like I normally do. (HAHA) Let's see...oh, yesterday!

Yesterday we met Kate & Natalie at Trader Joe's as I needed Sunbutter. We had been out for almost 2 weeks and it was really getting to me. While we were there the sun came out so we decided to go over to the zoo for a while. I was exhausted and she felt a little crabby so we complained to each other for a while until we both seemed to forget how we were originally feeling. :) It was a fun trip. A couple things in particular really made me happy.

First, I got to buy James a popsicle. When you have a kid with allergies you're always wondering if there will be any snack or treat available to get for them. I always (okay, almost always) have stuff along for him but it is SO FUN to be able to buy him a treat like everyone else is having. I just love it. Kind of silly but it makes me happy. And, him, too.

The second happy thing was something I forgot about until we were right there. Ruby had never seen any big animals before! We went straight to the polar bear and she just started pointing and chattering. He was out and moving around so it was a particularly good introduction. I told her it was a bear and she started saying it right away. So cute. She also got to see seals and the big daddy Lion.

It started raining after a little while so we headed back towards the entrance. We stopped off for a hot dog and got to the van right as it started pouring. Thank God for the rain.

I'm not sure what we're going to do today but we are staying home for the morning nap, for sure. James & Ruby have been playing so well this morning. They've been down here with me just chattering (each to themselves) and playing and occasionally running into each other and squealing a little. (okay, a LOT. Ruby squeals a LOT...but they are happy squeals this morning.)

One more thing...last night I was asking Patrick if he was ready for me to disappear for a LONG time this weekend and he said, for what? I just looked at him and started lecturing sharing with him how tiring it is to watch the children for 12 days straight. He started rubbing his fingers together like the world's smallest violin. Remember that? We did that in grade school. hahahaha. He is such a card. And I am so out of here on Saturday morning, with his blessing and his little violin sending me off.


  1. I should've come to your blog so didn't have to type all this again. What say you about tonight? NO pressure, I'll just keep asking every 30 minutes or so.

    Ruby did seem to love the animals. So cute!


  2. HAHAHA, you know where to find me.

    :) see you later!


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