just james

J: 'member MALASKA, mom? That's where it's the coldest.

J: I know where RUSSIA is. It is yellow there.

J: 'member dead fish? They are fish that stopped swimming.

J: ISH! (this is what I say when I am totally disgusted and trying not to say anything bad. he uses my same tone.)

J: Ruby, get out of this house. It is not yours anymore! (can't take credit for this, all his. sweet, eh?)

S: James. You are not to talk like that to (insert family member here).

J: (snottily) I already sayed it, mom.

But, thankfully, there is this, too:

In bed this morning...

J: I just want to wrap my arms around your head, mom.

And he did.


  1. These are too funny and sweet. I see your smile(from your profile) in his. Awwww.


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