I can't remember where I first heard about these delightful MOO minicards...maybe on Mighty Goods? I didn't have my photos on flickr at the time & uploading the required photos seemed a little daunting. You get 100 mini business-type cards with up to 100 different images for $25, shipped.

We stopped at a new playground yesterday, in between the farmer's market and Whole Foods. There was another mom there with 2 kids (one a redheaded girl!), each about nine months older than mine. Our boys started playing and we started chatting. A while later a bus full of grade schoolers invaded and we had to quickly part ways to protect our offspring. She hollered, "I hope to see you here again sometime..." as we ran in opposite directions. I'll probably stop by there again next time just to see if she's around, she mentioned she lived nearby. It would have been great to get her name and number but first of all, there just wasn't time, and second, who has a pen at the park? If I had some MOO cards I could have slipped her one of those. I want some.

Does anyone have them? Want to show them off? These people have already, if you're curious.


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