my fate in the hands of a stranger...

I decided I am ready to change the name of my blog. Sugar Ave is a little to cutsie for me...I am such a serious blogger now and it just doesn't seem to fit. HA HA HA!

I'm kidding. But I do want to change the name and just last night, I figured out to what. Problem is, that blog name is taken. By a 27 year old poker player in California who hasn't used it since last August. And there is only one post on it. I emailed him and am really hoping he'll take pity on me and let it go.

If you stop by, Mr. Poker Player, PLEASE!!!! I love my blog and use it almost every day. I promise to take good care of BtL! And you have that other blog with a really cool name, too! I bet you won't even miss it. :)

Stay tuned, readers. I'll let you know if & when it's going to go down...


  1. Aw, I LOVE Sugar Ave! Hopefully you know you can change the name of your blog to anything you like, actually. It's just the url that you wouldn't be able to have an identical one of. Even if you change the name of your blog you could just leave the url the same for ease :)


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