not to get ahead of myself, but...

if I do end up with childcare for J&R, even once a week, these are the things I could do:

  • ebay auctions

  • package ebay auctions

  • mail ebay auctions alone

  • go to library/grocery store alone

  • clean

  • put laundry away

  • yard work

  • crafty stuff

  • read

  • nap (only in extreme situations)

  • gym (ditto - haha)

  • household projects (spray painting, etc.)

  • BLOG (maybe a little, but this really isn't how I want to use the time)

Wow, sounds a little blissful. The young lady called me back and is coming over on Monday from 9-1. I'm hoping we all like eachother and she will want to come back. I know I won't have an uninterrupted block of time but I can get so much done when I don't have 2 shadows. My plan is to put Ruby down for her nap and then she could take James OUT for a couple the park or whatever.

The morning my mom had to leave, this last time she was here, she gave me an hour or so to get myself in "order" before she left. It was so nice! I showered, brought all the dirty laundry downstairs, started a load, checked my email/blog...I don't remember but it was great. This would be such a luxury. I'm hoping and praying that this works out.


  1. Don't ever feel bad about time to yourself! I truly believe with time out we make much better mommies.

  2. i never had any time out


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