oatmeal & jam

I was going to bring Kate & the others some jam yesterday but the new batch seemed a little softer. It had been "setting" on the counter for 24 hours and I think it was too humid because it never really set. I popped one in the fridge and the rest in the freezer thinking that at least it would be good on ice cream. I finally had some last night and was happily surprised. I swirled it into some oatmeal and sprinkled pecans on top...delicious!

I had the same thing this morning and it looked so good that James even wanted his own bowl. He had his with strawberry jam and ate almost all of it.

All of this jam talk reminds me of Bread & Jam for Frances. Frances is a childhood favorite of mine, and now of James. The books are a bit wordy still for him but a little editing on our part works just fine. Check them out if you haven't.


  1. The cherry tablecloth is too cute!

  2. Thanks for reminding me about Frances. I loved him too and will add him to our wishlist.


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