rainy afternoon

It's really coming down out there...it's about time. The picture below is James helping me to position our meager bucket to collect some rainwater. I'd like a rain barrel. I've read about them a few places, most recently here. (go down to Sophie Bath entry) Patrick is all for it so I hope we get one or a couple in place before the next big rain.

This morning I used this tip and collected the water running down the drain while the shower heated up. It didn't take much because I had already done a load of laundry but I bet from a cold start we let about 5-8 gallons go down the drain every day...sometimes twice a day! (sometimes Patrick doesn't shower - hahahahaha) I was so happy hauling it down and pouring it on our bushes.

*I started this post last Friday afternoon. I love rainy days, especially rainy afternoons, every once in a while. Everything outdoors seems to make a sigh of relief and then perk up.

Patrick is on board with the rain barrel idea, like I said. What I didn't expect was that he'd take it over. We can't just have a normal old barrel beside the downspout, OH NO. He wants to plant our barrel in the ground and get a submersible pump to attach to the garden hose. He thinks a sump pump barrel will do the trick. It does have a lid that bolts on for safety reasons, which is good. He's going to sink one first and see how it works, we'd eventually like two. Of course, there is a bonus in this for him. After all the work of digging that deep hole he gets to landscape around it with RIVER ROCK. (you didn't think you'd heard the last of that did you?) (I sure haven't, it's on sale this week.) (sigh.)


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