random ruby

Here are some little Ruby things that we love/want to remember:

  • who taught her to take her pants off?
  • sometimes when I go in her room at night she will stop hollering for me and say up! in the tiniest, clearest voice
  • she says & signs all done all the time (she just yelled it at me while I was changing her diaper)
  • she says hiya and hi da
  • her favorite sign & game is where? She will drop something or put something under her bum and sign where? When she hears James or a birdie and doesn't see them, she will sign where? Yesterday morning she came downstairs and all the toys were missing. Patrick had cleaned the carpets the night before and moved them downstairs. She looked up at me, totally bewildered, and asked where? I love that little wagging finger.
  • uh-oh, a baby favorite, is just UH! in our house
  • she says ca-ca for cracker now, didi for piggy and danin for dancing
  • she yells JA (long A) in a stern voice for James. I really wonder where she learned that.


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