Ruby refused to nurse last night, in the middle of the night, and again this morning. This morning she actually shook her head NO and pulled my shirt down. Real subtle, Ruby.

She's been kind of ornery at bedtime the last couple days and up a lot during the night. She had a slight fever for a while last Thursday. Hmmmm. I called this morning to get her ears checked and they said they could fit us in at 11:00. I went up to get her ready and laid her down for a diaper change. She screamed at me, like she usually does, and I spotted it. A large new tooth up on top. (sighofrelief)

I almost felt gleeful! I am sad that she is hurting but things are so much easier to deal with when there is a reason. I hope my supply can hold until she is up to nursing again. I am just not ready to stop...I want her to still be my baby. And it's good for her!


In other news, we went to Keva Friday night for a family fun night. It was kind of fun, I was tired (how many times have I said that lately? I will stop soon. promise.), but we had a nice time. Ruby & James loved it. Ruby just squealed with happiness as she wandered around dancing to the blaring 70s rock. (classy) James' favorite part, I think, were the campers parked outside. They had 3 on display and he adored them. I put some pictures up on Flickr and here are a couple movies:

And, isn't James the typical big brother in the end? :)


  1. Poor baby. Have you tried the Hyland's teething tablets? We used them with Jack before we got lazy (ok, maybe more comfortable with medicine is more accurate, lol) and just started using motrin.

  2. cute icon! Hyland's don't do too much for her...ibuprofen works better. (not good enough for her to nurse, though!)

    Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. i hate the entire teething process! my little guy has had teeth popping in since he was 2 months old! but none have decided to stay. i just feel for him, it's gotta be painful! i feel for you with the sickness though. my two have had fevers and colds for 3 weeks now.

  4. Sorry Ruby's teeth are bothering her. If the ibuprofen doesn't work, there's always whiskey. Kidding....



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