just saturday*

This is my pillow from when I was a baby...I think I got it around my first birthday. That is when it first shows up in pictures, anyways. It is toddler size and has held up pretty well for the last (nearly) 35 years. When James was a wee one I used it as my to-go nursing pillow, bringing it everywhere. I have my original Mickey Mouse pillowcase stored but found a few Pottery Barn pillowcases that fit it perfectly. We just added the pillow to Ruby's crib for some extra cuddling and I've been mildly wishing for some girlier pillowcases for her. (do you see where this is going?)

As I was driving along this afternoon it hit me. I could MAKE Ruby a pillowcase to match her new blanket! And so I did. Why did I wait so long to start sewing?
Here is a crappy picture of the old sheet label, if you're into that sort of thing. I love old labels.


Ruby & I had a nice afternoon. We hit D&S (are you surprised?) and she was such a sweetie letting me look for over an hour. She, to my delight, caught on right away and started pulling stuff out of the misc. bins. Atta girl. After a while, when she was getting sleepy, she let me wear her in the sling and it felt so good. She is so rammy lately that she practically throws herself out of it every time I've try and I've been missing that little feeling of having her right next to me. I found some good stuff but couldn't even tell you what right now...oh, sure I could, let me think. I got James some puzzles, a pink shirt for myself, an adorable polka dot dress for a 4T Ruby, a shirt for a pregnant friend, a new little cooler, some more shovels for the sandbox (you can never have too many shovels when you have 6 neighbor kids), a vintage Bert & Ernie Wilton cake pan for Ebay, a tiny aluminum tea kettle for my upper kitchen shelf, a Fisher Price barn, a string of big wooden baby beads, an old sheet for another project, and that's really all I can think of right now. I spent a little over $5.

After D&S I drove until she fell asleep and found a shady spot by the lake to park. I called my mom to chat for a while and then started reading Gilead. I think I'm on page 28 and I love it already. It felt so good to sit in the grass and read, very relaxing. (theme of the day)

After she woke we went for a little walk down by the water. She climbed around some playground equipment and had a good time watching all the big kids. We had a snack, got some groceries and came on home. I had such a nice time with her today.

It was really fun to see James & Patrick after a whole day apart. They had a great time and Patrick did something wonderful in our yard, which I will show you soon. (and yes, it involves River Rock) Now I'm going to make a Home Run Inn pizza and we're going to watch a movie. A perfect Saturday!

*because I have done gone run out of creative ideas


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