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Last month I finally got around to ordering some patterns from Sublime Stitching. (4 for $10...what a deal!)

I have known about Jenny Hart and her amazing abilities for years. Way back in the year 2000 I found a message board called glitter on a website called getcrafty. I was a major lurker and occasional poster...I remember reading posts from Jenny and was around when her business first was getting started. For some reason I never got around to trying out her embroidery until now. Like, today, this afternoon. Yup, 7 years later. :)

I love it! It is super simple and really easy to get started. (I'm talking the basics here, folks, not stuff like this!) Jenny includes basic instructions with every kit and I also found a great online tutorial here. I started out with the split stitch and then switched to the backstitch. I think I like how the split stitch looks better but the backstitch goes much faster for me.

This little cupcake was my first project and it probably took me an hour. You know what took the longest? Threading the darn needle! I think I need one with a bigger frustrating! My next projects are from her Camp Out collection. I want to do matching t shirts for James & Ruby and James asked me to do the tent...I was thrilled because that was my pick! I'll let you know how it goes.

On a super side note: Getcrafty is still around but for some reason most of the members of glitter moved over to new boards on Supernaturale, even though Getcrafty has boards. I wasn't actively reading or posting when all the changes took place so I'm not sure how it all went down. Both of the mentioned sites are chock full of crafty girls (and boys) and I still visit from time to time, although I mainly get my crafty fix from blogs these days. If any of the old glitterati happen to find this...Hi!


  1. I saw the Sublime Stitching patterns awhile back and contemplated ordering. I've never embroidered though so was curious whether I would be able to figure out how to do them. The little cupcake is so sweet and fun. I hope you'll post pictures of the t-shirts when you get them done!

  2. Um, hello, sooooo cute! I'm in awe!

  3. You's SO easy! :) Seriously, you should try it.

    I'm glad you like them.

  4. So easy, probably for someone who is semi-crafty. I ordered some of her patterns a couple years ago and never completed the bib I was making for a gift. It turned out horrible! OK not that bad but not good enough for me to keep going :) But I really suck at things like this and too bad b/c I love her patterns! Yours turned out great!

    I used to be on Glitter, hardly posted though. I eventually realized I am just a wannabe crafter!

  5. Thanks, mama c-ta. It is fun to try something new. I have to stop reading try-to-do pile is HUGE.

    Who were you on glitter? I was neon-junkie.


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