(Will her images ever get old? I don't think so. See them all here.)

Thank God it's Wednesday. Only 2 more days until Friday! And Top Chef is on tonight! Life is good.

I am in a big ole ditch of housework here and slowly digging out. Yesterday it felt like everything was a mess, and to be honest, it was. All rooms of my home, the van, the garage, the yard...I cried a little with the weight of it all. We were supposed to go to Kate's and I was this close to calling and cancelling. But I decided that a few hours with friends might be really good and so we went. I'm so glad we did.

We walked into her clean, good smelling house. She was smiling, glad to see us, and had fresh coffee, lemon coffee cake and lots of toys. :) Another friend came after a while and we had a really nice morning. It was like a big hug for me. (sorry to sound like a sap...where is this coming from? pms was over a week ago! oh, I guess it's just those silly emotions.) Thank you, Kate! I think I've mentioned this before but she really makes her guests feel welcome.

James had a HUGE fit when it was time to go but I didn't let it get to me. I just drove until that little sucker went to sleep and had a nice, almost 2 hour!, break for my efforts. It was wonderful.

Patrick and I cleaned for an hour last night and got a lot done. I woke up to a much cleaner house and, while I still have much to do, I don't feel hopeless. The natives are restless so I am outie for now...


  1. I'm so glad you came. You know better than to call and cancel on me; I'll just show up at your house, LOL.


  2. So, you think I could use this as an icon or would I be violating 100 laws? I LOVE IT.


  3. HAHAHAHA! You would, too. :)

    I love it to, did you see her others? So many are just perfect. I'd say use it. Worst case, you get a request to take it down.


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