thrift scores!

I brought the kids to Dig & Save last Friday afternoon. During rummage sale season the place is overflowing. Normally, they are the SVDP outlet store, getting what doesn't move at the other locations. During the summer there are so many leftover yard sale donations that they just send whatever there, without it going anywhere else first.

James & Ruby were really good. James loves running around a little now, playing on the dirty floor with whatever he just pulled out of a bin. Ruby is happy watching him and having a snack. I dreamed of this day and it's finally here.

It was a lot harder when Ruby was smaller. Sure, I could wear her in the sling but she tended to slip out when I bent over to dig in the boxes.
These were some of the specials they were running on Friday.

I am kind of surprised I didn't buy a couple of these school desks for $1 each.

I am not always successful at only bringing home what I absolutely love or think might sell on Ebay, but I am getting a lot better. When my mom is here I roll my eyes at 98% of what is in her cart, allowing her a few token selections, but really weed it out. She loves that. haha. Here were some of my favorite finds on Friday:

(keep, I think)

(sell, but I do love these - and in the box!)

(keep, for Ruby. It needs buttons and it is not my her normal style but it is soft and cozy and just appealed to me.)

I went back by myself on Saturday, during my sweet time away, and found tons of good stuff. A group shot:

(Red hat for me (this is a favorite color of mine), floral one for Ruby, celery green capris for me, Kipling bag for me or maybe to sell, American Eagle tote for me, hoodie for James.)

(Jacket for me, in another favorite color!)

Yes, I just geeked out and linked to similar items (style & brand) that I could have bought new. Instead, I paid about $8 for all of it.


  1. Face/palm. Sorry to be so lame today; I got the anonymous comments to work this time. I wish I could find good stuff at the thrift store, but alas, only vomit stained clothing, LOL.



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