works for me wednesday

Now, you may all know this already. Often I am the last to find out such neat little tips. :)

I recently read somewhere that you could add some regular hand soap (I used 2 T) to your empty foaming handsoap bottle, fill it with warm water and voila! Foaming hand soap!
I had bought this refill bottle at the last B&BW sale and was just waiting for my kitchen pump to empty out. (it doesn't take much to make me happy) heehee

Finally, I got my chance yesterday morning. You know what? It works! It kind of makes me crazy that you could pay up to $5 for a bottle with essentially 1-2T of soap in it and the rest water! I like the foaming style because one or two pumps gives me just enough soap for a quick scrubbing.
Have a happy Wednesday and visit Rocks In My Dryer for oodles more tips & tricks.


  1. I'm glad more people are discovering the recipe for refilling the foam pumps themselves. It's crazy to buy a whole new pump every time, or pay the ridiculous price they charge for foam soap refills.
    Great tip!

  2. Morning Cousin!
    I have been so busy at work that I stopped by Sugar Ave for the first time this week and found it GONE!!! But, I choked up when I arrived at Built to Last. It is an incredible name for your blog. It is so encompasses your love of all things old & sturdy, the stability of your family and the obvious growth in your faith in your relationship with Christ. God, in His steadfastness, has blessed you beyond what we can imagine. I hope to make you my blogging mentor some day! I love you. SMS

  3. Sarah - I should have known I wouldn't have to explain this to you. You nailed it. xoxoxo. I miss you and love you, too.

  4. I love your hand picture to demostrate, LOL. I will definitely remember the tip.


  5. HAHAHAHA. I should (not) be a hand model!

  6. What a nifty I did not know about!

  7. Great tip and photo. THanks for stopping by.


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