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going through the big D

by James

ruby's tuesday

big fun/no fun/big fun/no fun/big fun

better late than never

stone age


it was a good year

how fun is this?


heading out

our very own blogher

getting ready to shower

I can't even believe I'm going to tell you this,

so they think they can dance

fun times

I guess this is all I have to do

breakfast of champions

scott baio is what??

waiting for the rain


our life in list form

breaking curfew

we played grocery store, he tells me,

Without further ado...

no way!

"green" swiffer - works for me

I could get used to this.

I thought for sure it would be worse...

as the saying goes...

ruby's tuesday

I won, I won, I won!

getting ready

way cool...

it's amazing how far he's come

just james

it's kind of a sweet feeling, really

happy monday!

how quickly we move on

ruby's tuesday

anaphylactic reaction to peanuts

Thank you, God, he's fine

very very nice

good reads


nuts, I say.