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Here I am, my last night in Duluth. Halleluiah! ;) It's been hot here, and my mom doesn't have air. Enough said.

There has been some big fun over the last 6 days. There was a trip to Canal Park with my mom, an early morning visit to the Lakewalk with my kids, a trip on the North Shore Express with my dad, beers & lots of laughs at Sir Ben's with Jason, Amy & Jake, a long (hot) walk with my aunt Kristy, visit to Lester Park with my dad, awesome weekend in the Cities with the girls, delicious Chambord margaritas & Krispy Kreme donuts, catching up with my brother & Erin, and another trip to Canal park followed by a lovely evening with my grandma and uncle Frank. Whew!

In between all the fun stuff there was the heat, exhaustion, sleeplessness (both the kids and myself), tears, heat, power struggles, and frustration. That's a vacation with kids, you know? And you know what else? I KNOW this but it still surprises me from time to time. Now that I'm going home tomorrow, and feeling very relieved to be doing so, I can honestly say I'm glad we came.

I can't wait to see Patrick. He tells me he hasn't been eating well and that he's down to a buck-oh-five, soaking wet. By the end of our call tonight he was pretty sure he was at a buck-oh-four. I can't wait to get home and fatten him up a little. xoxo


  1. Welcome Back!!!

    We just figured out that camping with children is not the same as camping without children and is not necessarily a time for Craig and I to have some alone quality time. Took us 4 1/2 years, but we embraced it this year and it went a lot better :)


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