breaking curfew

Yup, I'm still a rebel at heart.

I thought I'd break my self-imposed curfew just to say hey. It's been a busy couple of days around here, but good ones.

I have actually loved being "offline by nine" and think I'm going to stick with it. I like having that time upstairs in bed...reading and being with Patrick. I keep feeling so tired all the time and part of it is due to a late bedtime. 10:30 seems to work out the best for me.

I love our bed. This morning I woke up at around 5:30am. I was stretching out and thanking God that we have such a huge (king) comfy bed. I was still half asleep and all of a sudden James shot into our room and jumped up next to me. He curled up into a little ball by my side and was instantly back to sleep. It all happened so fast, I wasn't sure if it had really happened. Heehee, so much for room to stretch out. I moved him to the middle and came down to have some quiet time and then write the post I did earlier. When I went back up there, James & Patrick were both asleep with their arms bent over their heads. I wanted to take a picture but I knew Patrick would wake up and hate me just a little for it.

Yawn. That's me yawning over this post. I should be around here tomorrow so I can be online a little more. xoxo


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