I think not.

I am baking some chicken breasts for dinner and the smaller ones just came out. These are the chicken breasts I got at Whole Foods. They are so delicious. I'm not joking...the flavor is incredible. I put a little olive oil and s&p on them before going in and they are SO GOOD.

It also helps that my TruTemp digital thermometer is back in business. I emailed the company about mine not working anymore and they sent me a replacement probe, free of charge. I am seriously lost without this because I always overcook my meat. The replacement came today and it's working great...I notice the cord on this one is different. I hope it holds up a little better. (future probes will be $5 each)


  1. I wish we had a Whole Foods closer to us. I'm not ambitious enough to drive across town, well, maybe I'm just lazy--that's it! :)


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