fun times

James told me the small lid was for Ruby. He is so thoughtful. (he had been sliding down the stairs)

Kelsey, our sitter, called me yesterday to tell me she couldn't come today. Her cousin was in a really bad car accident so she would have to fill in as waitress at her Grandma's bar, where he works. I had heard about the accident and had no idea it was her cousin. It's a very sad situation for their family. He's only 17 or so and may be paralyzed.

Ruby is a screaming mimi today and went down easily for a morning nap at 10am. James and I had just got out into the garage to clean it up a bit and Rachel, our neighbor, came over. They were going to the zoo and wanted to see if James could go along. Could James go along?! Here's his passport...he can go wherever, Rachel! (just have him back by bedtime, please)

Little buddy was absolutely thrilled and I have to say I was pretty thrilled, myself. James is a lot for me right now. And I feel so bad about's not even that he's being naughty, which would make it easier on my guilt, I think. He is just so IN MY FACE. Mama, mommy, mama, lookatthislookatthislookatthis. Do you want to color? Should we play blocks? Look what I can do! Can I sit on your lap? How about a hug? Mama!

See, don't I sound awful? He's very sweet but won't leave me alone. He wants my attention all the time. People tell me this is normal but I want so badly for it to end. People tell me to enjoy it because when he is a teenager he won't want anything to do with me. Well, I've enjoyed it for the last 3.5 years and the alternative sounds frighteningly good to me right now.

I know, I know. I am so Pollyanna today. Stop back later for more fun!


  1. I remember that time with both of my boys. Every once in a while it still rears it's ugly head. It drove me insane too.

  2. Thanks, Mim - that's what I needed to hear. :)

  3. You know, we must all have those feelings from time to time--I know I do--and then the confusing guilt--but then the feelings again. Sometimes I count in my head the time until kindergarten--when overall I know I don't have it bad at all with A. I think it must be part of the whole mom package or something.
    Sorry for the ramble, but I appreciate your honesty!

  4. I appreciate yours, too, Holly.

    I have to admit I am counting the weeks until preschool. :)

  5. oooh can I slide too?? hee hee


  6. You don't sound awful.
    Can't imagine any mom who didn't feel the same way. The constant attention and DEMAND for attention does get hard. Mason has mellowed out a bit in this area, but boy, there were days when the shower was my only solace, and that was only for a few minutes :) (we still have those days occasionally)
    Also remember the days I was counting down the hours for nap time, and then counting down the hours for bedtime. Of course the guilt was always there too.

    Somedays I wish I could count down the days until preschool or kindergarten..but that will be with me...ooh boy. We will see how long this lasts:)
    Anyway, I am tired and this is more of a letter than comment. sorry about that.


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