getting ready to shower

On Saturday morning we are having a brunch/shower for all the women in our playgroup who are with child or who already have child! 3 of these little nuggets have arrived early. My friend who was pregnant with twins delivered almost 2 weeks ago, at 27 weeks. I haven't mentioned this at all, just because, but the babies are doing so well that I thought it would be okay. I am so thankful and thrilled for them...I can't even tell you. Every time I see their mama I just want to hug her and cry. Must stop this. :) Another friend just had her baby a few days ago. She named her Ada. Isn't that perfect? I just love it and can't wait to meet her tomorrow. (yes, her mama is bringing her!)

We (the ones not with child) were planning this for those with child, and since then, 2 of the nots have become withs! Did you follow that? In our group of 10, 5 are or just were pregnant.

In between populating Dane County, the original 5 are all bringing some yummy food for the brunch. I am going to attempt this Stuffed Blueberry French Toast and these Scrambled Egg Muffins, with no meat. I am so excited to cook with eggs!
If I can find the time tonight I want to try and make some baby cards from an old baby book that I have. I love old cards & announcements like the one above.


  1. I bet you all will have so much fun!!!!

    I love baby showers.



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