getting ready

Playgroup is at our house this morning. Note the clean sandbox and the new sunshade? Yay! I asked Patrick if he could just pound the stakes in for me last night...quick job, right? I should really know better. He comes out a minute later with a tape measure and level along with his hammer. It is perfect, of course. Thanks, bunny. (This is the "3 minute" sunshade from Target...more like 30 minutes but I could do it (almost) all myself, unlike our craptastic gazebo I got last year.)

I've been up since 6 when Ruby woke up to nurse. She went back to sleep until nice on a busy morning like this one. The first pot of coffee is brewing so it can be chilled before everyone arrives. As soon as it's done we are off to the store for some more low-sugar juice boxes and graham crackers. (I just got the Mott's Low Sugar ones yesterday and they are good...James did ask why they tasted funny. haha)

Hope you all have a nice morning. Pray for peace in these parts. (9 kids today!)


  1. Oh brave woman--9 little people?!? You have set up a fun play Utopia, hope everyone has a great time!


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