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I first heard about Garage Sale America on someone's blog, forgive me for not remembering where. I immediately went to my library's website and put it on hold...I was the first one in the Southcentral Wisconsin system to request it! I got it a few weeks ago and read it that first night.

I loved reading how the author, Bruce Littlefield, and a friend garage-saled (?) their way across the country. Before Patrick graduated and was offered a job here, my sister and I had dreams of us moving East and opening an antique store/coffee shop together. Our big plan was for her to fly to Wisconsin, we would rent a UHaul and thrift & sale our way back to Massachusetts. We still dream of this.

Bruce gives wonderful details about his finds...there are lots of good pictures and information for collectors. And he gives the prices on nearly everything! If you are like me, you will understand how thrilling it was to find a book like this. It's a book, for sale at an actual store, about my favorite old stuff and one of my favorite past times. It reminded me of a much longer and more entertaining version of my Friday favorite or thrift scores categories. (which I haven't done in a while...sorry)

Even more than his sale stories, though, I loved the last part of the book that featured his farmhouse. He has found some things, and put them together in a way, that made me weak with longing. His home has old cottages in back of used to be a camp. Somewhere in New England. Oh my. Can you hear me sighing? I just found out he has a blog...I'm sure I'll be adding it to my favorite destinations.


The other book I just finished and loved was Plenty. The authors, James & Alisa, decide they are only going to eat only local foods for one year. (Food that was grown or produced within a 100 mile radius of their home.) This book and their site, 100 mile diet, has been all over the media, and for good reason.

Their challenges with the diet are very interesting to read about. They meet some wonderful people and give lots of good information about what is happening (and what has already happened) to the foods we eat every day. I was surprised at a lot of it.

Along with the food, this book really highlights their relationship over the course of the year. I loved how personal and informative it felt. I really like these two and will be visiting their site as well.


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