heading out

I'm taking the kids up to Duluth tomorrow and will be gone until next Sunday. Next Friday, James is staying with my mom and I am taking Ruby with me to the Cities for a girls weekend.

I can hardly wait to see Jules, Nellie & Cherie again. Last summer they came to me, except for Jolee (sniff), and we had such a good time. I was a little neurotic, just a few months in to the mother-of-2 thing and was worrying that everyone was having a good time. Janelle, always one to tell it like it is, set me straight. We're here to see you, Stephanie, she said. (Janelle & Cherie live close to each other.) She said they didn't care what we did or didn't do...they just wanted to be together. This year, I know what she meant. I just want to be near them all...to sit out on the patio and talk and laugh and hear everything each of them has to say.

I'm pretty excited to see my mom & dad, too. And hopefully my grandma and auntie Kristy. Maybe even Jason. I am getting better at not overbooking us so I'll be okay if all of this doesn't happen. I am looking forward to a little family time, mainly. I wish Patrick was coming.

The shower was a lot of fun on Saturday, and a LOT of good food. I didn't eat again until 8:00 last night. Ada is precious and her mama is so happy. She is a sleepy girl and we all know what a blessing that is. ;) Both recipes turned out well, everyone seemed to enjoy the french toast, especially. (thank you, allrecipes.com) My friends all looked so beautiful...seriously...they all had the glowing thing down. (Kate, btw, was sweating and shaking, having to be separated from her fresh Potter purchase. I give her a lot of credit for staying as long as she did.)

We went for a walk around town last night and ended up at the park. Today has been a lazy/busy day. Patrick took the kids out hours ago so I could catch up on last week's neglected laundry. I will be popping in next week but I'm not sure how often. Hope you all have a good one!


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