how quickly we move on

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I am feeling pretty much myself today. I got a lot of sleep last night and that helped a lot, I think. I was a ZOMBIE by bedtime and James was going to sleep with me again. I shut the light out and was immediately asleep. Probably 2 minutes later I hear, Mom, I have to poop. I say No you don't, go back to sleep. A minute later, I really have to poop! Fine, go poop and I'll be in to wipe you in a minute. I fell back to sleep and woke up to pitiful cries for wiping help who knows how much later. Sorry, buddy.

Patrick has been sleeping down on the lower level the last couple of nights because the "bed" down here is so firm.

P: That bed is really hard.

S: That's because it's a box spring.

Ha ha...James has the mattress up in his room.

Patrick is feeling a lot better. He sprang into action Monday night and I was so worried about him. As I was rushing around getting stuff before we left for the ER I paused to look seriously into his eyes and ask if he was allright. A stern I'M FINE was his reply. I paused again to ask, Why are you mad at me? I didn't do anything! He says, I'm not mad...JUST GO. Ah. He was worried. I laughed with Kate later about how even in the midst of a crisis I am still a woman. Let's quickly talk about our feelings before I go, honey. heehehe

Yesterday afternoon Rachel called to tell me her & her husband were going to take care of mowing our lawn. They just wanted to help, she said. I thought that was the sweetest thing and after she rejected my proposal that I do the back and they do the front, I accepted.

Patrick came down a few minutes later and I told him the plan. He made me call her back and tell her no. Oh, geez. Rachel & I laughed about men and she said she'd send Chris out to offer in person. I hung up and lectured Patrick about accepting help sometimes and off he went to mow. I heard the mower start then stop. I peeked outside a couple minutes later and the two of them were in the driveway talking and drinking a beer. A few minutes later, they were both mowing. It wasn't 20 minutes and they were done. Patrick comes in and tells me he was planning on letting him help all along. riiiiiight.

After James got up from his 3 hour nap, Patrick took him to find some fireworks. They got home just before a big storm and we all stood out in the driveway with sparklers as the first fat raindrops came down. James is sooooo excited to light off the rest of them tonight. I have always loved sparklers and it made me really happy to see James dancing around with one last night.

I hope you're all having a good 4th of July. Ruby is up so we are off to the Union for some brats & beer. xo


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