I can't even believe I'm going to tell you this,

but I am.

As we were walking through the sheep barn at the fair today I kept seeing these:

I kept thinking, how odd that they have so many of this special hairless breed. You know, usually there are just a couple when it is such an unusual breed....


Now that you know me a little bit better...are you going to stick around? hahahaha!

I love the fair. I have been waiting for it all summer and was planning on going this weekend. A friend emailed and said it was kid's day, all rides $1, so of course we had to go. I'm so glad we did...it was a great morning. There were animals and lemonade and plenty of rides. As an added bonus, the kids both fell asleep on the way home. I laid down by James for almost an hour to read and am now up, feeling refreshed. I do think I need an iced coffee, though, to make it through the rest of the afternoon. I put a lot of pictures on flickr, they go onto page 2, if you're interested. xo



  2. these pictures couldn't be cuter honey, they all look like they had so much fun. wish i was there.....

  3. I have to admit this made me laugh out loud.


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