I could get used to this.

Oh, wait. I already was.

The last 5 days Ruby has only had 1 nap per day. Today was the first day I was home alone with the kids for this new development. It felt exactly like my old days alone with James. I loved it. We got up, ate, played, I did stuff around here while they played, had a snack, went out for a walk, came home, had lunch, Ruby down for her nap by 1:00, James and I played games and did mazes and James had his quiet time at 1:30. We were going to go to Whole Foods but the morning was going so nicely I just wanted to stay home and enjoy it. I really, really like this.

I loved knowing that I have the whole morning to do whatever, or not do whatever. Not 2-3 hour increments, varying by the day. I'm not sure if she'll stay on this schedule but she is doing really well with it so far. I am definitely going to encourage this as she is also going to bed earlier again, back to 7pm, and sleeping later. Two of the nights she even slept through 12 hours...praise God! :) (seriously...14 months here, people!)
You can see below that she is pretty tired by the end of the morning. I have never seen her do this before. Just looking at the picture makes me want to hug and kiss her.

I've been secretly wanting her to go to one nap a day for a couple months but rarely said it out loud. How could I complain about an extra nap, you know? But it's really hard to have play time and errand time with the small chunks of time that we had. When she transitions over for good I will breathe a sigh of relief, for sure.

In other news, our sitter will be coming tomorrow morning so I am thinking about how to spend my time. I have a little project I want to work on, so I'm going to get that ready tonight. I also have some phone calls to make and thank you notes to write. I'm really looking forward to it. I hope she remembers! Maybe I should give her a call...

James is out now so I'm going to wrap this up. It would be a perfect afternoon IF ONLY I knew what to do with that chicken thawing out upstairs.

(New pics on flickr!)


  1. I agree--it's so hard to coordinate things around a morning nap.I felt somewhat chained to the house. Hope this continues and she adjusts well...and then enjoy it!

  2. Ah, the nap trap! It's hard for me, too. Eloise takes a two hour morning nap and a one hour afternoon nap. It's heavenly, but shackles us to the home, as well. I'm so glad everything is going good! She looks so sleepy in that picture. How cute!!!


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