it's kind of a sweet feeling, really

Ever since I sewed my first purse (if you can call it that) a couple of month ago, my sewing/craft pile has been growing. Everything I look at has potential. Could this too small, but long, pink fleece shirt Ruby has become a skirt, hat & leggings? Is this old t shirt good for little girl pants? We shall see, my friends.

I've been wanting to make a list of projects so I can remember them and also to show where my inspiration is coming from. Nearly every day I am inspired by something online. I started searching a while back for some new blogs to add to my daily reads and boy, did I find some good ones. This blog world is amazing in this respect, as well as many others. How else could I find 50 other women with interests like mine? Or 50 other women that I want to invite into my daily life by reading about the little details of theirs? I am just crazy about it all.

Without further ado, a bulleted list:
  • Pillowcase Purse, ala Martha Stewart. This purse was making the rounds of the blog world earlier this summer and I still see it popping up from time to time. It seems to be the No Knead Bread of last winter. (which I am still going to try!)
  • Pillowcase Dress, ala Martha Stewart Baby, years ago. My blogging friend Darcy recently made a nightgown version for her darling Elle. I can't wait to try this for Ruby - I have the perfect case.
  • A glass bead necklace, inspired by these. I found a bunch of glass beads on clearance at JoAnn's recently, just need to set aside the time. You can find the artist's blog here. (I really love her writing & photography. Her kid is pretty cute, too.)
  • Of course, I still have to finish James' tent t shirt. I also want to get started on some Christmas gifts I have in mind.
  • I've been wanting to make a few headbands for Ruby & I with some wonderful old fabric I have. I heard there is a great pattern in bend-the-rules sewing so I am waiting for it to come in at the Library. You can see some pictures of some of the book's projects here.

Miss Balubles is awake so I must sign off. I will probably add to this later.


  1. Since I'm relatively new to Blogville, I missed out on the original round of the Pillowcase Purse & Dress. So cute and maybe actually do-able by moi. Thanks for sharing!
    Oh, BTW, I'm just as nutty about blogs. It's kinda like really good reality TV...but better! :)

  2. Hi!

    Thanks for the link to Elle's pillowcase nightgown! :) She wears it regularly and it's holding up well.

    I pretty much took last week off from doing much blogging, reading and posting, since my hubby took the week off from work to spend some time at home. So, I've been catching up on your many cute pictures of your kids! Also, what a scare you went through with James allergic glad to hear it all ended up ok.


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