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Yesterday was the first time I got to meet a blogging friend. MamaM and her 2 beautiful daughters, Iris & Eloise, met us at the zoo yesterday afternoon and we had such a good time!

As I was driving to meet her I was kind of surprised to realize I wasn't nervous. I really felt like I knew her after reading her blog for the last 9 months or so. And when she pulled up while I was getting the kids out of the van, her first smile confirmed what I had been thinking.

Right away I felt comfortable around her, like I could totally be myself. She is so warm and funny and has a really sweet way with her girls. James and Iris got along fabulously and Eloise & Ruby had fun inspecting and tugging on each other. (Ruby did try to get a bite in but I think I stopped her just in time.) (Oh, Ruby.) I am kind of sad that we'll be out of town all next week but we do have plans to get together one more time before they head back to WA.

At one point, near the end of the day, we were waiting in line for the carousel. Ruby is familiar with this now and was not happy that the gate was shut and she had to wait. So here is this little tiny red headed girl gripping the bars of the gate and shrieking her loudest shriek. I grabbed her and caught Mama's eye as I was lifting her up...she was laughing right along with me. There was no lifted brow or widened eyes...just that look of, I know, they are unbelievable sometimes. This secured a place in my heart for her. :) Thank God for other mothers.

Since I've been blogging and found other blogs that I like so much, I understand internet dating a little more. That's what blogging is like, in a sense. You can search through thousands, millions, of blogs looking for another person that you find funny or smart or inspiring. It's no surprise that I liked MamaM so much...I started reading her blog because I liked what she had to say, you know? This is probably not a huge revelation for most of you but it was a little click of understanding for me. (I've always thought online dating a little odd...sorry, Dad.) hee hee.


  1. It's so nice for me to have found this blog of yours, it's so interesting. I sure hope and wish that you take courage enough to pay me a visit in my PALAVROSSAVRVS REX!, and plus get some surprise. My blog is also so cool! Don't think for a minute that my invitation is spam and I'm a spammer. I'm only searching for a public that may like or love what I write.

    Feel free off course to comment as you wish and remember: don't take it wrong, don't think that this visitation I make is a matter of more audiences for my own blogg. No. It's a matter of making universal, realy universal, all this question of bloggs, all the essential causes that bring us all together by visiting and loving one another.

    You must not feel obliged to come and visit me. An invitation is not an intimation. Also know that if you click on one of my ads I'm promised to earn 8 cents for that: I would feel happy if you did click it, but once again you're totaly free to do what ever you want. I, for instance, choose immediatly to click on one of your ads, in case you have them. To do so or not, that's the whole beauty of it all.

    I think it's to UNITE MANKIND that we became bloggers! Don't see language as an obstacle but as a challenge (though you can use the translater BabelFish at the bottom of my page!) and think for a minute if I and the rest of the world are not expecting something like a broad cumplicity. Remenber that pictures talk also. Open your heart and come along!!!!!

  2. Okay, that's a weird comment!

    Anyways, yes, super fun. Fun, fun, fun!


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