These are totally unrelated but both have been on my mind for a few days.

Two friends emailed me last week with news about the Veggie Booty recall. My kids had just been snacking on it the previous day! Eeek! I wouldn't have heard about this, if it wasn't for them, so I wanted to pass it on just in case. The Booty website has lots of good information as well.

And, (I told you this was unrelated) you can now watch certain Netflix movies & TV shows ONLINE! You get one hour of watching for every dollar your subscription costs. They just lowered the price of ours to $13.99 or something (2 movies home at a time) so we get 13 hours of online watching a month. I don't think we'll ever use it all but it is a neat feature. I am planning on watching The Office while I walk on my treadmill. (insert hysterical laughter here) But I am!!


  1. Thanks for sharing about the Netflix. I'll have to check that out.

  2. yeah, thanks for sharing about the netflix. maybe i'll get that right after i get cable and a dishwasher........

  3. and right after you...oh, nevermind.



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